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"Stringent quality standards, always customer centric. Always on time"


Flexi Print will be the highest quality assured provider for all tea-bag tag, tea envelope, tagged pyramid mesh needs of the Global value added tea industry, all printed tag and self-adhesive label needs of the local and international FMCG, pharmaceutical and apparel industries while having a green work ethic at heart


Flexi Print is committed to employ the latest in cutting edge technology in order to provide a precise, quality assured product to our valuable customer portfolio while utilizing only the best raw materials sourced from globally renowned sources to provide a quality product with no detrimental effects to the environment during and after production.

"Flexiprint comprises of a staff that believes in the well being and total satisfaction of the customer; so that the business growth is mutually beneficial. It is our policy that the customer always and without inhibition receives a flexo printed product that is printed on the best material available in the market and with the best inks the market has to offer".

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